Best Chalk Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

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best chalk paint for kitchen cabinets



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Updating kitchen cabinets can transform the heart of your home, and one of the most popular methods to achieve a fresh look is using chalk paint. Known for its matte finish and ease of use, chalk paint requires minimal prep work and adheres well to various surfaces, making it an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best chalk paints available for kitchen cabinets, focusing on durability, ease of application, and overall finish quality.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan is often considered the gold standard in chalk paint. Developed by the artist herself in 1990, this brand is renowned for its rich, pigmented colors and creamy consistency.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint adheres well to wood, laminate, and even metal, making it perfect for kitchen cabinets.


    Requires minimal prep work (no sanding or priming)

    Excellent coverage and adhesion

    Available in a wide range of colors

    Can be easily distressed for a vintage look


    Higher price point compared to other brands

    Requires a protective top coat for durability

    Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint

    Rust-Oleum is a trusted name in home improvement, and their Chalked Ultra Matte Paint is no exception. This paint offers a smooth, velvety finish and is available in several colors. It’s also budget-friendly, making it a great option for those looking to revamp their kitchen on a budget.


      Affordable price

      Smooth, matte finish

      Good coverage

      Easy to distress for a shabby chic look


      Limited color selection compared to premium brands

      Requires a top coat to protect against scratches and stains

      Behr Chalk Decorative Paint

      Behr’s Chalk Decorative Paint is another excellent option for kitchen cabinets. Known for its durability and ease of use, this paint provides a beautiful matte finish that adheres well to various surfaces. Behr also offers a comprehensive color palette, allowing homeowners to find the perfect shade for their kitchen.


        Good adhesion and coverage

        Durable finish

        Wide range of colors

        Affordable price


        Requires a top coat for high-traffic areas

        Slightly longer drying time compared to other brands

        FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint

        FolkArt’s Home Decor Chalk Paint is perfect for DIY enthusiasts looking for an easy-to-use and versatile product. This paint offers a rich, smooth finish and is available in a variety of colors. It’s also water-based, making cleanup a breeze.


          Easy to apply with minimal prep work

          Smooth, matte finish

          Wide color selection

          Water-based for easy cleanup


          May require multiple coats for full coverage

          Needs a protective top coat for durability

          Country Chic Paint

          Country Chic Paint is a high-quality, eco-friendly chalk paint that offers excellent adhesion and coverage. This paint is specifically designed for furniture and cabinets, making it a top choice for kitchen renovations. It’s also free of harmful chemicals, making it safe for use indoors.


            Eco-friendly and non-toxic

            Excellent coverage and adhesion

            Smooth, matte finish

            Wide range of colors


            Slightly higher price point

            Requires a top coat for added protection

            Tips for Using Chalk Paint on Kitchen Cabinets

            Clean Thoroughly: Ensure your cabinets are clean and free of grease or grime. Use a degreaser if necessary.

            Minimal Prep Work: While most chalk paints require minimal prep, lightly sanding the surface can help improve adhesion, especially on glossy finishes.

            Apply Evenly: Use a high-quality brush or roller to apply the paint evenly. Multiple thin coats are better than one thick coat.

            Protective Top Coat: To ensure the longevity of your newly painted cabinets, apply a protective top coat such as wax or polyurethane.

            Choosing the best chalk paint for your kitchen cabinets depends on your specific needs, budget, and desired finish. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint remains a top choice for its quality and finish, while Rust-Oleum and Behr offer excellent budget-friendly alternatives. FolkArt and Country Chic Paint provide versatile and eco-friendly options, respectively. Whichever brand you choose, chalk paint can provide a beautiful, durable finish that revitalizes your kitchen cabinets with minimal effort.

            Additional Considerations for Chalk Painting Kitchen Cabinets

            When selecting the best chalk paint for your kitchen cabinets, it’s important to consider a few additional factors beyond just the brand and color. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

            Surface Preparation

            While one of the benefits of chalk paint is minimal prep work, the longevity and finish of your cabinets can greatly benefit from proper surface preparation. This involves:

              Cleaning: Use a degreaser to remove any oil, grease, or food residue.

              Sanding: Lightly sand the surface to ensure better paint adhesion, especially on glossy finishes.

              Repairing: Fill any dents or holes with wood filler and sand smooth.

              Application Technique

              The technique used to apply chalk paint can impact the final look:

                Brush vs. Roller: Using a high-quality brush can help achieve a smooth finish, while a foam roller can prevent brush strokes.

                Multiple Coats: Apply multiple thin coats rather than one thick coat to avoid drips and achieve even coverage.

                Drying Time: Allow sufficient drying time between coats, typically 1-2 hours, depending on the brand and environmental conditions.

                Protective Finish

                Chalk paint requires a top coat to protect against moisture, stains, and wear:

                  Wax: A popular choice for a soft, vintage look. Apply with a cloth or brush and buff to a shine. However, it may need reapplication over time.

                  Polyurethane: Offers a more durable, water-resistant finish. Available in matte, satin, and gloss finishes, it’s ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchen cabinets.

                  Lacquer: Provides a hard, durable finish but can be trickier to apply and may require ventilation during application.

                  Color Selection

                  Choosing the right color can make a significant difference in the overall aesthetic of your kitchen:

                    Light Colors: Can make a kitchen feel larger and brighter but may require more maintenance to keep clean.

                    Dark Colors: Hide stains and dirt better but can make a space feel smaller if not balanced with lighter elements.

                    Bold Colors: Can add a pop of personality but may require careful consideration of the surrounding decor.

                    Popular Chalk Paint Techniques

                    To add a unique touch to your kitchen cabinets, consider some popular chalk paint techniques:


                    Method: Lightly sand the edges and corners after painting to reveal the underlying wood or base color.

                    Look: Creates a vintage, worn-in look that adds character and charm.

                    Two-Tone Effect

                    Method: Apply a base color and then a top color. Once dry, lightly sand areas to reveal the base color.

                    Look: Adds depth and interest with a layered color effect.

                    Dry Brushing

                    Method: Dip a dry brush lightly in paint, then remove excess paint before applying. Brush lightly over the surface.

                    Look: Creates a textured, weathered appearance.


                    Method: Use stencils to add patterns or designs to your cabinets. Secure the stencil and dab paint over it with a brush or sponge.

                    Look: Adds intricate detail and personalization to your kitchen.

                    Chalk paint offers a versatile and user-friendly option for updating kitchen cabinets. By choosing the right brand and color, preparing your surfaces properly, and applying the paint with care, you can achieve a beautiful, durable finish. Whether you prefer a classic, distressed look or a sleek, modern finish, chalk paint can help transform your kitchen cabinets into a stunning focal point of your home. With the right techniques and protective finish, your newly painted cabinets will be ready to withstand the rigors of everyday kitchen use while adding a fresh, stylish touch to your space.


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