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Apple Beer Brands



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Apple beer, a delightful beverage that combines the crispness of apples with the refreshing qualities of beer, has gained popularity among craft beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. This article explores the various apple beer brands that have made their mark on the market, offering a unique twist on traditional beer and cider.

Angry Orchard

Angry Orchard is a well-known brand specializing in hard ciders, but it also offers unique apple beers that combine the best of both worlds. The brand’s Crisp Apple beer is a crowd favorite, with a balanced sweetness and a refreshing finish. Angry Orchard’s wide distribution makes it easy to find in many locations, making it a go-to choice for apple beer enthusiasts.

Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams, a respected name in the craft beer industry, has ventured into the apple beer category with its seasonal offerings. The brand’s Apple Ale features a combination of malted barley and apple juice, resulting in a smooth and slightly sweet beer. Samuel Adams’ reputation for quality ensures that its apple beer delivers on taste and consistency.

Woodchuck Cider

Woodchuck Cider is primarily known for its ciders, but it has also experimented with apple beer. The brand’s Granny Smith Ale offers a tart and crisp flavor, perfect for those who prefer a less sweet beverage. Woodchuck’s commitment to using high-quality ingredients and traditional brewing techniques shines through in its apple beer.

Redd’s Apple Ale

Redd’s Apple Ale has become synonymous with apple-flavored beer. This brand focuses on creating a light and refreshing beer with a distinct apple flavor. Redd’s Apple Ale is popular among those seeking a less hoppy beer with a fruit-forward profile. Its easy-drinking nature makes it a favorite for casual gatherings and parties.

Harpoon Brewery

Harpoon Brewery, a Boston-based craft brewery, offers an apple beer that combines the best of both beer and cider. The brand’s Apple Cinnamon Cider is a unique twist on traditional apple beers, incorporating warm spices like cinnamon for added complexity. Harpoon Brewery’s innovative approach to brewing ensures that each sip is full of flavor and character.

Ace Cider

Ace Cider, known for its diverse range of ciders, also produces an apple beer that appeals to a broad audience. The brand’s Apple Hard Cider Beer strikes a balance between sweet and tart, providing a refreshing alternative to traditional beer. Ace Cider’s commitment to using premium apple varieties contributes to the beer’s crisp and clean taste.

    Apple beer brands offer a diverse range of flavors and styles, appealing to beer lovers and cider enthusiasts alike. Whether you prefer a sweet and fruity apple beer or a more tart and crisp variety, there’s a brand for every palate. These apple beer brands are just a few examples of the creativity and innovation in the brewing industry, showcasing the versatility of apples in crafting unique and enjoyable beverages.

    Expanding the Apple Beer Scene

    As the popularity of apple beer continues to grow, brewers are exploring new ways to integrate apples into their beer recipes. This innovation has led to an even greater variety of apple-based brews, attracting a wider audience and encouraging experimentation. Here’s a deeper look at how apple beer brands are evolving and expanding.

    Craft Brewers and Collaboration

    Craft breweries have been at the forefront of the apple beer trend, often collaborating with local orchards to source fresh, high-quality apples for their brews. This approach not only supports local agriculture but also allows for a greater range of unique flavors. Brewers can experiment with different apple varieties, creating distinctive apple beers with varying levels of sweetness, tartness, and complexity.

    Seasonal Offerings

    Many apple beer brands release seasonal varieties to capture the essence of different times of the year. For example, autumn brings spiced apple beers that incorporate warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, reminiscent of apple pie. These seasonal offerings give breweries a chance to showcase their creativity and keep customers coming back for new and exciting flavors.

    Low-Alcohol and Non-Alcoholic Options

    As the trend toward moderation grows, some apple beer brands have introduced low-alcohol and non-alcoholic options. These products offer the same refreshing apple flavor without the higher alcohol content, catering to those who prefer lighter beverages or want to avoid alcohol altogether. This expansion has broadened the appeal of apple beer, making it accessible to a more diverse audience.

    Crafting Unique Blends

    In addition to traditional apple beers, some breweries are crafting unique blends that combine apples with other fruits or flavorings. For instance, breweries may blend apple beer with pear, cherry, or even tropical fruits to create a complex flavor profile. These innovative blends offer a refreshing twist on the classic apple beer, attracting adventurous drinkers who enjoy exploring new taste experiences.

      Tips for Enjoying Apple Beer

      If you’re new to apple beer or looking to expand your palate, here are some tips for enjoying this delightful beverage:

      Explore Different Styles: Try a variety of apple beers to discover your preferred style. Some are sweeter, while others are more tart or spiced. Experiment with different brands and blends to find your favorite.

      Pair with Food: Apple beer pairs well with a wide range of foods, from grilled meats and cheeses to desserts like apple pie. Consider hosting a tasting event with friends to explore different pairings.

      Serve Chilled: Apple beer is best enjoyed cold. Be sure to chill your bottles or cans before serving for the most refreshing experience.

      The Future of Apple Beer

      As more breweries explore the possibilities of apple beer, the future looks promising. The combination of traditional brewing techniques with the natural sweetness and tartness of apples creates a versatile beverage that can appeal to a wide range of drinkers. With new apple beer brands emerging and established ones expanding their offerings, there’s never been a better time to explore this exciting segment of the beer market.

      Whether you’re a seasoned beer enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of apple beer, there’s always something new to discover. So, raise a glass to the crisp, refreshing, and ever-evolving world of apple beer. Cheers!


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