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Afternoon tea, a cherished tradition steeped in elegance and culinary delight, offers a respite from the daily hustle and bustle. Originating from the 19th century British aristocracy, this practice has blossomed globally, incorporating unique local flavors and customs. Whether you’re seeking a luxurious escape or a quaint setting to enjoy delicate pastries and savory treats, exploring the world of afternoon tea can be a delightful journey.

The Ritz, London: Quintessentially British

The epitome of traditional British tea can be found at The Ritz in London. With its opulent surroundings, including the stunning Palm Court, guests are transported to a bygone era of impeccable manners and refined taste. The Ritz serves a selection of meticulously prepared finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones with clotted cream and jam, and a range of exquisite pastries. The experience is complemented by a choice of several loose-leaf teas and occasionally, a live pianist.

The Peninsula, Hong Kong: A Blend of Cultures

At The Peninsula Hong Kong, afternoon tea becomes a fusion of Eastern and Western traditions. This iconic hotel offers a grand setting with its classical interiors and views over Victoria Harbour. The tea service includes dim sum alongside classic scones and pastries, making it a unique culinary experience. The Peninsula’s tea is especially popular, so reservations are recommended to secure a spot in the famed lobby.

The Empress, Victoria, Canada: Royal Treatments

The Fairmont Empress in Victoria, Canada, has been serving afternoon tea to royalty and celebrities for over a century. The majestic setting overlooks the picturesque Inner Harbour.

The Empress takes pride in its selection of signature Empress tea blends, complemented by an array of locally sourced ingredients featured in its sandwiches and pastries. The experience is not only about food but also about enjoying the historic architecture and the warm, inviting atmosphere.

The Balmoral, Edinburgh: Scottish Flair

Afternoon tea at The Balmoral in Edinburgh offers guests a Scottish twist on the classic tea experience. Set in the elegant Palm Court, complete with a glass dome and Venetian chandelier, the ambiance is as breathtaking as the menu. Traditional Scottish smoked salmon, haggis tartlets, and whiskey-infused creams are some of the regional delights that can be savored, alongside an extensive selection of teas and herbal infusions.

Shangri-La, Paris: A Taste of France

The Shangri-La Hotel in Paris offers an afternoon tea that showcases French gastronomic finesse. With a terrace that provides stunning views of the Eiffel Tower, guests can enjoy Parisian pastries that are nothing short of artworks, along with French-made teas and even a glass of champagne if the occasion calls for it. This experience combines luxury with a distinctively French touch, making it unforgettable.

Tips for Enjoying the Perfect Afternoon Tea

Dress Code: Many high-end hotels and tea rooms observe a smart casual dress code. It’s worth checking in advance to ensure your attire fits the occasion.

Reservations: Popular spots can book up weeks in advance, especially on weekends and holidays. Make reservations early to avoid disappointment.

Dietary Restrictions: Many places now offer gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian options. Always inquire ahead of time if you have specific dietary needs.

Savor the Experience: Allow at least an hour and a half for afternoon tea. It’s a time to relax and indulge in both the food and the atmosphere.

Exploring the world through its afternoon tea traditions offers a window into the cultural intricacies of each destination. Whether it’s in a historic hotel or a cozy local tea room, the quest for the best afternoon tea is a journey of taste, tradition, and discovery.

The Plaza, New York City: American Elegance

In the heart of Manhattan lies The Plaza Hotel, famous for its sumptuous afternoon tea served in the iconic Palm Court. The setting, with its beautiful stained glass dome and opulent furnishings, evokes a sense of timeless New York glamour. Guests can enjoy a variety of tea blends, from classic English favorites to the hotel’s own signature blends. The tea service includes an assortment of sandwiches, scones, and French pastries, tailored to suit a discerning palate, making it a standout experience in the U.S.

The Maidens, New Delhi: Indian Infusion

Reflecting India’s rich heritage in tea cultivation, The Maidens Hotel in New Delhi offers a distinctive afternoon tea experience that incorporates the flavors and spices of India. The tea menu features a range of Indian teas including Assam, Darjeeling, and Nilgiri, each offering a unique taste profile. Accompanying these are savory snacks like miniature samosas and sweet treats like mango tarts, blending the traditional with the local in a luxurious setting.

Mount Nelson, Cape Town: A Touch of Africa

Set against the backdrop of Table Mountain, the Mount Nelson Hotel provides a tranquil oasis for afternoon tea enthusiasts. The hotel’s lush gardens and bright, airy tea room offer a perfect setting for relaxation. Their afternoon tea includes a South African spin with local ingredients like rooibos tea, known for its deep red color and health benefits. Traditional pastries are infused with local flavors like apricot and peppermint, providing a refreshing twist on the classic tea menu.

Claridge’s, London: Art Deco Sophistication

Returning to London, Claridge’s offers an afternoon tea that blends art deco elegance with culinary innovation. The Foyer & Reading Room at Claridge’s, with its luxurious décor and serene ambiance, provides a sophisticated backdrop for one of London’s premier tea services.

Known for their precision in service, the menu includes a variety of teas carefully selected from around the world, complemented by a selection of sandwiches, scones, and artistic pastries prepared by top pastry chefs.

Enjoying Afternoon Tea at Home

For those who prefer to enjoy the afternoon tea experience in the comfort of their own home, here are some tips to create a memorable tea service:

Select a Variety of Teas: Offer a range of teas such as Earl Grey, Assam, or a fragrant Jasmine to cater to different preferences.

Homemade Scones and Pastries: Bake fresh scones and pastries. There are many recipes available online that can guide you through making classic treats like Victoria sponge or lemon drizzle cake.

Elegant Table Setting: Use your finest china, linen, and silverware to set the mood. Adding flowers and soft background music can enhance the atmosphere.

Mind the Details: Small touches like using clotted cream, jam, and lemon slices for the tea can make a significant difference in authenticity and taste.

Whether you’re dining at a historic hotel or arranging your own spread at home, afternoon tea is a celebration of leisure and flavor. It invites us to slow down, savor the moment, and indulge in a ritual that has charmed generations. Each cup of tea represents a pause in our busy lives, a time to reconnect with friends and loved ones in a setting of shared elegance and enjoyment.


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