What are some good brands of hard Apple cider?

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What are some good brands of hard Apple cider?

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Hard apple cider, a fermented beverage made from apple juice, has gained popularity worldwide for its crisp, refreshing taste and variety of flavors. This beverage caters to a wide range of palates, from sweet to dry, still to sparkling, and everything in between. The rise in demand for hard cider has led to an increase in the number of brands producing it, each offering unique takes on this classic drink. Here, we explore some of the most reputable and beloved hard apple cider brands that enthusiasts and newcomers alike might enjoy.

Angry Orchard

One of the most well-known hard cider brands in the United States, Angry Orchard has been a staple for cider lovers since its inception. Based in Walden, New York, the brand offers a wide range of ciders from crisp and refreshing to sweet and unfiltered varieties. Their Crisp Apple is a fan favorite, known for its balanced sweetness and acidity.


Hailing from the United Kingdom, Strongbow is one of the world’s leading cider brands, renowned for its dry, sharp flavor profile. The brand offers several varieties, including Gold Apple and Dry Cider, appealing to those who prefer a less sweet cider. Strongbow is a great choice for those looking to explore traditional English ciders.

Woodchuck Cidery

Woodchuck Cidery, based in Vermont, USA, has been a pioneer in the American cider industry since the early 1990s. The brand is known for its innovative and diverse range of ciders, including the Amber, which is rich and smooth with a balanced sweetness. Woodchuck’s commitment to quality and experimentation makes it a favorite among cider aficionados.


Also known as Bulmers in the Republic of Ireland, Magners is a classic Irish cider that has been around since the late 1930s. It’s well-loved for its traditional taste and the fact that it’s made with 17 varieties of apples. Magners Original is a perfect choice for those who enjoy a crisp, refreshing cider with a hint of sweetness.

Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider

For those who prefer organic options, Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider is an excellent choice. Brewed in the United Kingdom, this cider is made from organic apples and offers a clean, fresh taste. It’s a bit on the sweeter side, making it a good option for those who are new to cider or prefer less bitterness.

Crispin Cider

Crispin Cider is known for its pure, not-too-sweet flavor profiles. The California-based brand produces a variety of ciders, including original, pear, and honey-flavored options. Crispin prides itself on using fresh-pressed American apples and no added malt, grape wine, or sugar, catering to those seeking a more natural cider experience.

Aspall Cyder

One of the oldest cider-making companies in the world, Aspall Cyder has been producing high-quality cider in Suffolk, England, since 1728. Aspall offers a range of ciders from dry to sweet, all known for their distinctively crisp and refined taste. Their Premier Cru Cyder is a standout, offering a sophisticated, champagne-like experience.

The world of hard apple cider offers a vast array of options to suit any taste preference, from sweet and fruity to dry and complex. These brands represent just a sampling of the quality ciders available on the market. Whether you’re a seasoned cider enthusiast or new to the scene, exploring the offerings from these reputable brands can provide a delightful and refreshing experience.

Julian Hard Cider

American-made Julian Hard Cider, from Julian, California, prides itself on producing “American to the Core” hard cider. With a focus on using 100% fresh-pressed apple juice and no concentrates, Julian offers a variety of flavors that range from the classic Apple to more adventurous options like Black & Blue (made with blackberries and blueberries). Their ciders are known for their clean, crisp taste that appeals to those who appreciate a straightforward, fruit-forward cider.

Seattle Cider Company

Breaking from traditional views of cider, Seattle Cider Company offers an array of unique flavors that push the boundaries of what cider can be. From their dry and semi-sweet ciders to more novel offerings like the Basil Mint, Seattle Cider Company is perfect for those looking to explore innovative and unconventional cider flavors. They are also one of the first cider producers in Washington state, tapping into the rich apple-growing heritage of the Pacific Northwest.


Écusson is a French cider that brings the sophistication and elegance of Normandy cider tradition to the forefront. Known for their balanced and aromatic ciders, Écusson utilizes a variety of apples from the Normandy region, celebrated for their cider-making qualities. Their Brut and Doux (sweet) ciders are especially popular, offering a taste of France’s rich cider culture with every sip.

Aval Cidre

Aval Cidre offers a taste of Brittany, France, with its authentic Breton cider. Made from a blend of four apple varieties grown in the region, Aval’s ciders strike a perfect balance between sweetness, acidity, and bitterness. The brand’s commitment to traditional cider-making methods and the use of local apples creates a product that’s deeply rooted in the heritage of its region, offering a crisp, refreshing drink that’s both complex and accessible.

Virtue Cider

Michigan-based Virtue Cider reflects the state’s rich apple-growing tradition with its farm-to-bottle approach. Founded by former Goose Island brewmaster Greg Hall, Virtue Cider specializes in European-style ciders fermented with wild yeasts. Their flagship product, Michigan Brut, is a dry cider that showcases the nuanced flavors of Michigan-grown apples. Virtue Cider’s dedication to craftsmanship and local agriculture makes them a standout in the American cider scene.

The diversity of hard apple cider brands and styles available today is a testament to the beverage’s growing popularity and the creativity of cider makers around the world. From traditional English and French ciders to innovative American creations, there’s a cider out there for every palate. Whether you’re drawn to the heritage of centuries-old European cider houses or the bold experimentation of New World producers, exploring the world of hard cider offers endless opportunities for discovery and enjoyment. As the cider market continues to evolve, so too will the variety and complexity of the ciders available, promising a bright future for this beloved beverage.


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