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Best Espresso in Seattle



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Seattle, famously known for its vibrant coffee culture and as the birthplace of Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee chain, is also home to a myriad of local cafes and espresso bars that pride themselves on quality, innovation, and the art of coffee making. In the quest for the best espresso in Seattle, it’s important to consider not just the coffee itself but the ambiance, the expertise of the baristas, and the philosophy behind each cup. This article explores some of the top spots in Seattle where coffee aficionados can savor what might just be the perfect shot of espresso.

Espresso Vivace

A pioneer in the Seattle coffee scene, Espresso Vivace has set a high standard for espresso since its inception in 1988. Renowned for introducing the “Northern Italian” style espresso to the United States, Vivace’s espresso is characterized by its smooth, sweet profile, a direct result of their meticulous bean selection and roasting process. The flagship café on Broadway features a standing bar inspired by the espresso bars of Italy, offering an authentic experience.

Seattle Coffee Works

Seattle Coffee Works is a favorite among locals and tourists alike for its commitment to direct trade coffee and its slow bar, where coffee is made to order using various methods, including espresso. Their espresso shots are pulled with precision, emphasizing clarity and complexity of flavor. The café’s open roasting area at their Ballard location allows visitors to witness the roasting process, adding an educational layer to the coffee experience.

Milstead & Co.

Tucked away in Fremont, Milstead & Co. takes a thoughtful approach to coffee. They curate a selection of beans from some of the best roasters locally and around the world, making their espresso offerings both unique and diverse. The knowledgeable staff is more than happy to share the story behind each cup, making every visit both enlightening and delicious.

Slate Coffee Roasters

Slate Coffee Roasters challenges the conventional norms of coffee tasting and presentation. Their “deconstructed espresso” – an espresso shot, a serving of steamed milk, and a latte, all served separately – allows patrons to appreciate the nuances of their expertly roasted beans. Slate’s minimalist approach extends to their décor, creating a calm environment that puts the focus squarely on the coffee.

La Marzocco Café

Housed within the KEXP Studios at Seattle Center, La Marzocco Café is a showroom for the legendary espresso machine maker. This unique café not only serves excellent espresso but also rotates its menu monthly, featuring espresso blends and single origins from leading roasters worldwide. It’s a place where coffee lovers can experience the global coffee culture without leaving Seattle.

In Seattle, espresso is not just a drink; it’s a culture, an art, and a science. The city’s best espresso bars are distinguished not only by their superior quality coffee but also by their passion for innovation, education, and community. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, these establishments offer a memorable journey through the heart of Seattle’s coffee scene, one espresso shot at a time. Each visit promises a new flavor, a new story, and a deeper appreciation for the craft of espresso making.

Storyville Coffee Company

Perched in the historic Pike Place Market, Storyville Coffee Company is a sanctuary from the bustling market below. With its cozy fireplace, plush seating, and stunning views of Puget Sound, the ambiance is as inviting as the coffee is exquisite. Storyville roasts its coffee in-house, ensuring that every espresso shot is fresh, with a well-balanced profile that caters to both the coffee novice and the seasoned aficionado. Their dedication to quality extends to their customer service, making every visit a warm and welcoming experience.

Anchorhead Coffee

Breaking the mold of traditional espresso bars, Anchorhead Coffee brings a modern twist to the Seattle coffee scene. With its sleek interiors and innovative coffee creations, such as their draft cold brew and the quaffle (a croissant-waffle hybrid), Anchorhead is a place for those looking to experience something new. However, it’s their espresso that truly shines – a testament to their meticulous bean selection and roasting process. The result is a smooth, velvety shot with a complexity of flavors that keeps you coming back for more.

Caffe Umbria

A touch of Italian tradition in the heart of Seattle, Caffe Umbria is famed for its artisanal approach to coffee. Founded by a family with generations of roasting experience, their espresso blends are rooted in the rich coffee culture of Italy, offering a timeless taste that speaks of heritage and expertise. The flagship café in Pioneer Square, with its European-style seating and authentic Italian espresso machines, transports you straight to the piazzas of Italy. It’s a place where the past and present merge, creating a cup of espresso that’s both nostalgic and modern.

Lighthouse Roasters

A fixture in the Fremont neighborhood, Lighthouse Roasters is one of Seattle’s original artisan coffee roasters. Operating from a quaint, unassuming café, Lighthouse has cultivated a loyal following for its straightforward, no-frills approach to coffee. Their espresso is a reflection of this philosophy: honest, robust, and richly flavorful. Roasted in small batches and pulled by skilled baristas, it’s a testament to the beauty of simplicity in coffee craftsmanship.

Victrola Coffee Roasters

Named after the iconic Victrola phonograph, Victrola Coffee Roasters embodies the spirit of innovation and the art of listening. Nestled in the vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood, Victrola takes a meticulous approach to coffee, from sourcing to roasting to brewing. Their espresso shots are a harmonious blend of acidity, sweetness, and body, offering a sensory experience that is both refined and exhilarating. The café itself is a hub for the community, hosting coffee education classes and tastings, fostering a deeper connection between the coffee and the people who enjoy it.

Seattle’s best espresso bars represent more than just places to grab a quick shot of coffee; they are institutions that celebrate the rich tapestry of coffee culture. Each café brings something unique to the table, whether it’s the ambiance, the approach to coffee making, or the connection to the community. Exploring Seattle’s espresso scene is an adventure in itself, one that promises to awaken the senses and perhaps change the way you think about coffee. So, the next time you’re in the Emerald City, take a moment to savor an espresso at one of these esteemed establishments. It’s an experience that encapsulates the heart and soul of Seattle.


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