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fresh chorizo recipe



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Chorizo, a vibrant and flavorful sausage, has its roots in the Iberian Peninsula but has become a beloved ingredient in kitchens around the world. It comes in two main varieties: Spanish, which is typically cured and smoked, and Mexican, which is usually fresh and spiced with local chili peppers. This recipe focuses on making fresh Mexican-style chorizo, perfect for adding a zesty kick to breakfast scrambles, tacos, or even paellas. Here’s how to make your own fresh chorizo at home.


1 lb (450 g) ground pork
3 tablespoons chili powder
2 teaspoons smoked paprika
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
Optional: 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon for a touch of warmth


Large mixing bowl
Measuring spoons
Cling film or sausage casing (if you plan to stuff the sausage)


Combine Dry Ingredients: In a large mixing bowl, mix together the chili powder, smoked paprika, cumin, oregano, salt, and black pepper. If you’re using cinnamon, add it now. This blend of spices will give your chorizo its distinctive deep and smoky flavor.

Add Wet Ingredients: To the spice mixture, add the minced garlic and apple cider vinegar. Mix until everything is well combined. The vinegar not only adds a slight tanginess but also helps in binding the spices with the meat.

Incorporate the Pork: Add the ground pork to your spice mixture. Using your hands, mix thoroughly to ensure that the pork is evenly coated with the spice mixture. It’s important to mix until the color of the pork changes to a uniform reddish hue, indicating that the spices are well distributed.

Rest the Mixture: Cover the bowl with cling film and refrigerate for at least 2 hours, or ideally overnight. This resting period allows the flavors to meld together and the meat to absorb all the spices, enhancing the overall taste of the chorizo.

Cooking or Storing: After the resting period, you can form the chorizo into patties or stuff it into casings if you wish. If you’re cooking it immediately, heat a skillet over medium heat and cook the chorizo until it’s thoroughly browned and the internal temperature reaches 160°F (71°C).

Storing Fresh Chorizo: If you’re not planning to cook the chorizo immediately, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to three days or freeze it for up to three months. Make sure it’s wrapped tightly in plastic wrap or placed in an airtight container.

Serving Suggestions:

Fresh chorizo can be used in various dishes to add a spicy and flavorful touch. Try it in scrambled eggs, wrapped in tortillas for breakfast tacos, or as a topping for a rustic pizza. It also makes an excellent addition to stews and bean dishes, providing a rich and complex flavor.

Making your own fresh chorizo at home is a rewarding process that not only enhances your cooking repertoire but also brings a taste of Mexican cuisine into your kitchen. With this easy-to-follow recipe, you can create a delicious, spicy sausage that can be adapted to many dishes and satisfy any palate seeking bold flavors. Enjoy the process and the delicious meals that follow!

Nutritional Benefits and Variations

Fresh chorizo not only brings heat and flavor to the table but also offers nutritional benefits, primarily through its protein content. It can be a part of a balanced diet, but it’s important to consume it in moderation due to its fat content.

For those looking to tweak the recipe to suit dietary preferences or just to experiment, here are some variations and substitutions:

Lean Meats: You can substitute ground pork with ground turkey or chicken for a leaner option.

Adjust the amount of spices slightly as these meats are milder in flavor compared to pork.

Vegan Chorizo: For a plant-based version, use crumbled firm tofu or a ground meat substitute.

Add a tablespoon of vegetable oil to compensate for the lack of fat and ensure the spices distribute evenly.

Spice Adjustments: If you prefer a milder chorizo, reduce the amount of chili powder and paprika. Conversely, for a spicier kick, add more chili powder or a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Additional Herbs and Spices: Incorporating other herbs and spices like coriander, cloves, or a splash of tequila can introduce new dimensions to the flavor profile of your chorizo.

Cooking Tips for Perfect Chorizo

Achieving the perfect fresh chorizo involves more than just following the recipe. Here are some tips to ensure that your chorizo is flavorful and cooked to perfection:

Do Not Overmix: While it’s important to ensure the spices are well-incorporated, overmixing the meat can make it tough. Mix just until the color is uniform.

Test Cook a Small Amount: Before shaping or storing all your chorizo, cook a small patty in a pan. Taste it to check if the seasoning needs adjustment.

Use Fresh Spices: For the best flavor, use fresh and high-quality spices. Their potency diminishes over time, so fresher spices mean more vibrant flavors.

Creative Ways to Enjoy Chorizo

Beyond the traditional methods of serving chorizo, there are numerous creative ways to incorporate this flavorful sausage into your meals:

Chorizo and Potato Hash: Combine cooked chorizo with diced potatoes, onions, and bell peppers for a hearty brunch dish.

Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms: Fill mushroom caps with chorizo, top with cheese, and bake until golden for a delicious appetizer.

Chorizo and Seafood Paella: Add chorizo to a seafood paella to give the dish a smoky depth.

Chorizo Bean Soup: Simmer chorizo with beans, tomatoes, onions, and garlic for a comforting soup on chilly days.

Whether you’re cooking for a simple family meal or experimenting with new recipes, homemade fresh chorizo offers a versatile and tasty option. Its robust flavor enhances any dish it accompanies, making it a staple for those who appreciate a spicy kick in their meals. By making chorizo at home, you control the ingredients and the flavors, ensuring a fresh and personalized experience every time. Enjoy the culinary adventure that homemade chorizo brings into your kitchen!


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